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High Leverage Practices

HLP/TPE Alignment Resource


Introduction to the HLP/TPE Alignment Resource

This matrix was created to assist California Teacher Preparation Programs in implementing High Leverage Practices (HLPs) into clinical practice. In 2017, the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) in collaboration with the Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability, and Reform (CEEDAR) published the document "High Leverage Practices in Special Education (pdf)."   As explained in this document, High Leverage Practices (HLPs) “can be used to leverage student learning across different content areas, grade levels, and student abilities and disabilities” (p. 9). These essential practices can be used as a foundation in teacher preparation to ensure teacher candidates are prepared with the instructional and collaborative skills needed to educate students with disabilities effectively (McLeskey,, 2017).

The HLPs are matched to the California Teacher Performance Expectations (TPEs) to help Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) identify which HLPs can be used to demonstrate competence of specific TPEs.  Additionally, resources and example activities that can be implemented during clinical practice to strengthen practice and ability in implementing HLPs are identified and linked. 

The glossary defines terms used in the discussion of high-leverage practices (HLPs) and provides references and resources related to those terms.

Observation Form

The purpose of this observation form is to provide Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) with a measure to evaluate the use of HLPs, MTSS and UDL principles being leveraged by credential candidates in clinical practice classrooms. These practices are matched to the California Teacher Performance Expectations in order to assist teacher preparation programs. This form allows for IHE to provide feedback on how these practices are being utilized during instruction.

About This Project

This project was collaboratively developed as part of a grant awarded to the California CEEDAR State Leadership Team. Contributors include: Anne Spillane, Brandman University; Virginia Kennedy, California State University Northridge; Nicole Nicholson, Brandman University; Cheryl Sjostrom, Brandman University; Linda Smetana, California State University East Bay; Victoria Graf, Loyola Marymount University; Paul Sindelar, University of Florida; Kate Adams; University of Florida.